The manufacture of shopping trolleys and baskets is not an easy multi-faceted process. During the production of such trolleys, advanced technologies of both the metallurgical and engineering, chemical industries are used.

In the manufacture of trolleys, durable steel materials are used, which are made by special order. Example – the wire used in the manufacture of baskets is made according to GOST 3282-74 on special drawing machines. It must undergo both thermal and mechanical treatment.

As a result, after all stages of production, the basket has improved mechanical properties, as well as an impeccable shiny appearance. Thanks to the resistance welding method, it becomes possible to connect all the parts of the basket, leaving the mechanical properties of the metal unchanged.

We mass-produce

In the manufacture of bases used products of the pipe industry. The pipe manufactured in accordance with GOST 8644-68 is used in the manufacturing process of the parts of the base of the carts. It has the shape of a flat oval, which, in turn, at a certain location makes the structure more rigid. Without exception, all the details of this design go through the process of welding by semi-automatic welding in a protective gas environment. As a result, all seams have a beautiful appearance and are reliable.

After making the basket and the base, it is required to protect them from the negative effects of various external factors that affect the metal surface. This includes atmospheric factors that can lead to corrosion. In order to protect the metal, electrochemical galvanizing or galvanizing technologies are used.

Thanks to this process, it is possible to cover the metal surface with a reliable protective layer of zinc, the thickness of which is a couple of tens of microns. This provides protection against corrosion processes. It is possible to ensure a brilliant appearance of the trolley during operation by coating zinc with varnish. At each stage of the manufacture of the trolley quality control is carried out. The materials coming into production are manufactured in accordance with GOST. They have the necessary quality certificates.