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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device (personal computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) when you visit sites on the Internet.

In addition, when you visit the SMEP website on the Internet, other data is automatically collected, including: device specifications, IP addresses, information about the browser and language used, date and time of access to the site, addresses of the requested pages of the site, and other similar information.

What types of cookies are used

Depending on the browser and device you use, different sets of cookies are used, including strictly necessary, operational, functional and analytical cookies.

What can cookies be used for?

When you visit the SMEP website on the Internet, cookies can be used to:

  • ensure the functioning and security of the site;
  • site quality improvements;
  • registration in the self-service system (personal account);
  • providing you with information about SMEP, its products and services;
  • improvement of products and (or) services and for the development of new products and (or) services.
  • Other information collected can be used to generate your “list of interests,” consisting of a random identifier, interest category, and timestamp, to show you internet content and advertisements appropriate to your interests.

How to manage cookies

The browser and / or device you are using may allow you to block, delete or otherwise restrict the use of cookie files. But cookies are an important part of SMEP’s Internet site, so blocking, deleting, or restricting their use may not allow you to access all the functions of the site.

To learn how to manage cookies using the browser or device you are using, you can use the instructions provided by the browser developer or device manufacturer.