The product catalog contains important information about products manufactured by SMEP.

Каталог покупательских тележек

Shopping trolleys

12 products in the catalog

Каталог покупательских корзин

Shopping baskets

5 products in the catalog

Каталог аксессуаров


5 products in the catalog

Sales baskets

4 products in the catalog

Euro pallets

1 product in the catalog

Стол для распродаж

Удобное расположение складов

Convenient location of warehouses

The warehouse of OOO “SMEP” is located in the Moscow region, 47 km from the city of Moscow. Go >>

Доставка за 1 день

1 day delivery

Delivery of orders is carried out transport and calculated individually. More details >>

Самовывоз товара

Pickup products

Order our delivery or use pickup from a warehouse. Next >>

Способы оплаты

Several payment methods

You can pay for products in cash or by bank transfer. More >>